Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Revamped By Lori Designs Cutie

You know, sometimes you create a card and it's okay, you know, kindof cute.  You're in a hurry to get it posted so you rush or you just don't feel the creative juices flowing freely so you settle for okay.  And then when you least expect it, the inspiration hits and you know what you need to do to complete the card and make it better than kindof cute.  My little Presley Lollipop is now complete and I think she's adorable.  If you look at the previous post, you can see the big difference a few little finishing touches have made.  I love Prima flowers and I so wish I could remember where the buttons came from.  The punches are SU and the sentiment is by Amuse.  I'm much happier with the changes made.

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