Friday, June 21, 2013

Yay! It's Blog Hop Friday!

Yay!  It's Blog Hop Friday!  After so much inspiration this week, are you feeling a little etch-y?  Those of us at Stampendous have sure had fun and we hope you have too!  Armour Etch is a really cool product and, I know I said this yesterday, but, it's so easy to use!  Here's the official link to show you how simple it is!  I'm sure I'll buy more to create some gifts for Christmas. If you're interested, you can buy some, too, here!  For today I created a votive holder using Cling Zinnia and a glass holder I purchased at the Dollar Tree.  I had already stamped the image with VersaMark onto the glass and embossed it with Copper embossing powder when I realized it would be nice to have photos showing the process.  So, the next best thing is to start the photos from the point where I've stamped, embossed, and edged with Contact paper, here goes:

Embossed, edges sealed and ready to etch!

In the pan waiting for etching cream!

Applying the etching cream!

 A nice thick coat of etching cream and the time is set for 6 minutes!

Time to rinse off the etching cream and peel off the embossing powder to unveil the design!

Glass is etched in all the right places but the detail in the center of the flower was lost.

In order to fill in the center part of the flower, I added some Zip Dry adhesive and then added some fun glitters and mica fragments, all from Stampendous!

Here it is all lit up!  I think it's kinda pretty! 

So this is my project, now check out the inspiration from the rest of the team:

Lea Kimmel (me!)
Go check out their projects, comment on their blogs, and you could win some etching supplies yourself! Remember to tell us in your comment where in the U.S. you’re writing from, only U.S. mailing addresses eligible to win due to the properties of the product.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you again soon!



  1. I love it Lea! The etching came out beautifully and I like the sparkly flower centre!

  2. perfect for re-using the old candle jars that I have. Gives them a perk and looks lovely.

  3. So pretty and the glitter adds that bling we all love :)
    Please add my link to your blog list Thanks

  4. So pretty Leah! Love the addition of the glitter glass!

  5. Hi from Missouri. WOW. Your votive holder is gorgeous. What a great job etching. A set of these would make a great gift.

  6. Very pretty. I like the glitter and mica fragments you added.
    Sue in Ohio

  7. So pretty! I love how you fixed the oops with glitter glass! It adds a wonderful bit of sparkle to an already beautiful project! Thanks for sharing with this Vermonter!

  8. Kinda pretty? I think it's beautiful.

  9. I love the etched design and the glitter and mica sparkles really finished it off nicely. Kathy T in Minnesota.

  10. It is great. Wonderful job. I love that you added in the middle to fill it in.

  11. Hi from Illinois, gorgeous project. Love that you added the mica fragments, really pretty!!

  12. The glitter and mica give a nice effect when everything is all lit up. Nice job!

    Janis from Idaho in the USA

  13. Its a little more than "kinda pretty"! Had u not told us, we would have never ever known that you lost the center detail and had to fix it... And ist that just what art is anyway? Playing with mediums, trying something new, going somewhere unknown, finding a blurp and coming up with something else to "fix" it, only to create a masterpiece in the end... ;) the glass glitters and micas really finish this baby off in the end! So much more dimension this way! TFS
    -Angel from Arkansas

  14. Great idea to add the mica to the center- definitely looks complete this way. Beautiful!

  15. Great idea to add the mica- it finishes it beautifully!


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