Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Gift of Writing

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you're able to spend the day with loved ones while you're counting your many blessings!

Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite places to treasure hunt. I found a gold journal in the stationery section and thought it would be really cool to alter.  I've had it for a couple of months now just waiting for the right idea to pop into my mind and happened to pick it up the other day when I was looking for something else.  Boom, there it was!  I knew what I wanted to do.  I've been suggesting to one of my daughters for a while now that she should keep a journal.  She keeps telling me she doesn't know what to write about and my response is to write about life.  Write about your day-to-day actions, thoughts, feelings, anything! 
 Write about whatever pops into your head whether you think it makes sense or not.  So, with that said, here's what I did for today's Dreamweaver Stencils post:

The lotus flower is used in some religions, especially in India, to represent awakening to the spiritual reality of life.  This fits right in with my daughters way of thinking and is perfect for her!  For starters, I covered the portion of the cover that I wanted to paint with gesso and let it dry.  Once the gesso was dry, I added my Richeson Acrylic paints using violet, crimson red, phthalo blue, and cerulean blue.  I chose these colors because they're her favorites!  Once that layer was dry I added a little interest using LJ 806 Hexagons and phthalo blue paint.  When that layer dried, I paste embossed LG 720 Lotus stencil as shown with white embossing paste. More drying time as the theme to Jeopardy played in my head!  The paste dried and I rubbed some DecoArt® Metallic Lustre™ in Gold Rush over the white paste.  I pulled out my Basic Grey chipboard alphabet set, selected my letters and covered them gesso; they were a bright green but I wanted them to be purple.  Once the letters dried, I added some violet paint and, using Beacon Zip Dry, I attached them to the journal.  Voila!  Now I have a stocking stuffer ready for my daughter!  You'll notice that I arched the paint and Metallic Lustre™ as that mimics the lines on the pages inside the journal.  One of the other things I liked about it was how the lines were arched and not your typical journal with straight lines.  It kinda suits us!

Here's the list of my teammates with projects to share with you today:

Thanks for stopping by today and you can find the step-by-step instructions for this project on Paper Craft Planet!  See you again tomorrow with another fun project!



  1. Very artsy. Love the texture, sheen, and color of this journal.

  2. Love altered projects and this one is really special Lea!

  3. What a beautiful journal Lea! Your daughter will love it I'm sure! Funny, I used this same lotus stencil!


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